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The extensive natural system covers some ten square miles, providing fly fishing from the banks, by wading or from the boats. Also an excellent selection of fish to be found.

* The Obbe
Sheltered tidal sea water and the arrival loch for the Obbe Fishings Salmon and Sea Trout.

* The Millpool
Where the Salmon and Sea Trout join the Obbe system, from the sea in to fresh water.
An intimate loch, fished from the banks or in waders plus option of a boat, all within two minutes of parking.

* Loch Steisebhat
The first large loch going up the system, with some bank fishing although ideally fished by boat. The first salmon and sea trout come up following the July rains.

* Loch na Moracha
A beautiful loch surrounded by hills with many interesting lies accessible from the banks well below the road and parking, with full access by boat.

* Loch Langabhat
A substantial loch four kilometres long, yet conveniently split in two parts. The smaller, sheltered southern end is accessible from the banks and the home to large brown trout as seen in the Gallery. Prolific catches here are available as a half day option. The large northern section requires a Boat Handler if using a boat, due to safety requirements.

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