About Outdoor Adventures Scotland

Outdoor adventures is really my passion stemming from growing up in northern Sweden constantly being outdoors whether fishing, skiing, canoeing or berry-picking and knowing that everybody benefits from being outdoors more. 

Not only does all that fresh air and exercise keep you healthy and fit but it also wipes away that stress which clutters our daily lives. When you’re outdoors, enjoying a new experience in one of the most stunning countries you could ever hope to see, chasing the latest new mobile phone model or watch that movie suddenly feels less important. 

It also often gives you a bit of perspective in regard to your place in the universe. This, I feel, can only really be achieved in the mountains, at sea or deep in the forest. 

The frustration is clear though - with so much space, such a variation in types of landscape and so much untouched, wild nature, there are lots of opportunities for outdoor activities and adventures and also plenty of great people organising them. So, it should be easy to find your lots of options for people seeking these kind of experiences and wanting to get away from it all even if only for a short while. 

But it is not. Most of the companies and suppliers who indeed have all the expertise, and equipment, to bring you your dream experience they struggle for time, know-how or skills to ‘cut through the noise' to deliver your dream. Hence, it can be hard to locate the right adventure for you. 

And that is where we come in. Just check out the map and choose your adventures. It is that simple.

Have fun,


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