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If you fancy having a dabble with a paddle, Craggan Outdoors – BEST OUTDOOR ADVENTURE EXPERIENCE in the Scottish Outdoor Leisure Awards 2019 – offer the perfect place for the beginner, novice or occasional paddler. Sessions take place on our purpose-dug on-site pond. The still, shallow and enclosed water presents a very safe environment in which our excellent instructors lead group sessions.

Craggan Outdoors is also bordered by the world famous River Spey, so it would be something of a crime not to include it amongst our activities. There can be few better ways to spend a morning, afternoon or full day than sitting in canoes with your family or friends, paddling and drifting down a majestic river like the Spey, with the panoramic back-drop of the Cromdale Hills and Cairngorms.

The great thing about Craggan Outdoors’ location is that we have our own river access, something that is very rare amongst providers of river canoeing trips. What this means for you is no long drives to drop-off and pick-up points, more time paddling, and more of your time left free for other great experiences.

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