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Scotland is very deservedly known for its wild nature, its lochs, rivers and rugged coastlines. There's also the 'freedom to roam' which gives great access to go where ever you want. A perfect place for outdoor activities!

Use our map to help organise a perfect adventure or two. All within a specified distance to maximise your precious vacation time.

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Choose Your Adventure in Scotland

Our aim is to make it easier to find the Scottish adventure just right for you, no matter how big you want your adventure to be!


There is a wide variety of types of climbing in Scotland. Something for everybody, whether you prefer to take it more easy picking your way up a sunny granite wall in summer or really push yourself ice-climb in winter in freezing conditions.

Surfing / SUP

While the water temperature might not be like in the Caribbean or in Hawaii, it's still a fact that Scotland has some of the best surfing in the world. There are also plenty of waterways perfect for SUP. What could be better?! 

Hiking / Trekking

Due to the in law secured 'freedom to roam', Scot's live hiking and that whether it is in a more alpine region or in the deep forests. The are loads of well marked routes and trails. Some are best discovered together with a guide who can tell you all there is to know of the landscape, the wild life, the fauna. 

Horse Riding

There are fantastic areas best discovered from top of a horse. Whether along a sandy beach or across a remote mountain range. Many of the horses are of a  tough, sturdy breed. 

Mountain Biking

This is a fast growing sport and activity in Scotland. There is an ever increasing number of bike parks and lots of well marked trails. A number of companies nowadays offer guided tours as well. Some for half a day, some with numerous night spent in cabins e t c. It is an amazing way to discover your surroundings.


As Scotland is rather untamed wilderness, during a wildlife safari you can see lots of various birds such as puffins and eagles as well as dophins, seals and whales in the wild. Since they all are elusive creatures, here a local guide is strongly recommended.

Fishing / Angling

This is an excellent way to experience Scotland, whether you prefer deep sea fishing or perhaps rather fly-fishing in a remote mountain stream. There is so much coast line, some many lakes and some many rivers to choose from. Whatever is your preference you are likely to find it in Scotland.

River rafting

Scotland's rivers, many of them are wild and untamed and some flow at a more sedate and easy speed. On many of them people will travel by raft. So whether you’re a thrill-seeker or someone who prefers to take in their surroundings as the world goes by, there are options for you.

Canoeing / Kayaking

Scotland is well-known for its lochs and rivers. Many of them are perfect for an adventure whether in a kayak or canoe. In addition you also have an amazing coastline with lots of wildlife to explore in a sea kayak. So if you’re a thrill-seeker, the options are almost endless.

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